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The Weiner Brigade Inc.

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contact information of The Weiner Brigade Inc.
Address: North Bloomfield, OH, USA, 44450
Phone: (330) 980-3682
Email: [email protected]
Website: N/A
About The Weiner Brigade Inc.

Dedicated to saving the and re-homing the unloved, abandoned, abused & neglected, Our companions in need come from owner surrenders, strays, dogs in high kill shelters, and those inslaved in puppy mills. Companions here are socialized with children, cats and other dogs unless otherwise noted. We also help families locate affordable low cost spay and neuter programs as well as other needs so that they and their pet can have a productive and wonderful future together. Our #2 goal is keeping the families together in leu of shelter / rescue services.
We are a small voice for the dogs in hope of locating wonderful responsible homes where the companion can live out their life with a committed family willing to offer them a quality of life as a family member. Although we can't save them all, we can assist a companion in need or crisis as we have space open. As one is adopted we are able to assist another in need..
We stress the commitment and responcibility of owning a family pet. Adoption is a lifetime change and new beginning for a companion who has suffered much and needs a second chance at a wonderful life.
While looking please concider a older dog as a companion, they make great family members and are able to be trained quickly.

The Weiner Brigade Inc. adoption process

We have a pet adoption agreement including a canine promise, referances are required.

Dogs & Cats are all, vaccinated, wormed including heart worm tested and kept current on prevention, spayed & neutered from 2 months (8 weeks) and up, All have ID such as Micro-chip or Tattoo.

We have a life time return policy

The Weiner Brigade Inc.'s service area

The Weiner Brigade Inc. is hosting low cost Quality spay and neuter mobile clinics in Trumbull County, Ohio to serve families of low or limited income to higher incomes in our county. Our goal is to assist animals, their pets or ferals in getting a Quality spay or neuter to have a healthier pet, cat colony as well as help controll the over population problem that sends unwanted animal births to their death or into shelters and rescues. Its a win win for all of us and the animals. Both our hosted orgs ( one for dogs and one for cats ) have been helping us for a year or more to help us help those in need.


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