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Nothing makes your dog happier than the smell of a treat, whether during training or on their scheduled time for eating. See their tails wag and their eyes sparkle by the sound of their names being called to share a bite or two of the flavorful food in your hands. No matter how they seem to like what you are about to feed them, there are certain foods that you should never even think about giving to your dogs. Basically, ... Go to Article >>
Dogs are incredibly intelligent species. With their long history of companionship to humans, they do lend themselves very adaptable to people. They are truly man's best friend for their loyalty and obedience, especially if they are well-trained by their owners. And what a delight it certainly is when we see our own dogs learn and obey us fast! Learning basic obedience – commands such as “come,” “si ... Go to Article >>
Nobody likes a dirty dog. Some people are so determined to keep their dog sweet smelling and dirt free, they bathe them once a week. If you are one of those dog owners, you probably believe you\'re being a responsible pet owner and taking the best possible care of you canine companion. In reality, though, you may actually be harming your dog. Why Too Many Baths Aren\'t Good for Fido Being clean is always good, right? Hu ... Go to Article >>
From catching scents to rescue operations, baby-sitting, fetching, guarding, jogging, or just tirelessly messing around, we have listed ten of the most hardworking dogs. 1 - Bloodhound Bloodhounds have an unsurpassed ability to catch a scent and can detect even those that are 12 days old. They are built specifically to do so with long ears that sweep the air towards their nose, drooping eyes that focuses their eyesight on th ... Go to Article >>
What do you do if your dog is suffering from poisoning, bleeding, burn or heatstroke? Dr Joanne Sillince from Pets Australia shares some first aid tips that could mean the difference between life and death for your dog.Knowing what to do in an emergency situation can save your dog\'s life at home or on the road but it is not a substitute for veterinary care. “Virtually all first aid administered to your dog needs to be f ... Go to Article >>

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